Root Cause Consultation- Nancy’s Nutrition


 Nancy’s month to month coaching program.

This 90 minute consult focuses on the root cause of weight gain, lack of energy, poor digestion, allergies, infections, fungus, yeast, receding gums, oral health issues,  chronic fatigue, chronic pain, heart burn, chemical sensitivities, mold, hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases, gut issues, hormonal imbalances and poor sleep may be derived from.

Nancy will dive deep into your diet, exercise, medical history, medications and lifestyle to discover what may be the ROOT CAUSE of your health or weight issues.

You will leave the appointment with full recommendations on diet, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes for healing your issue at the root cause instead of masking the symptoms.

This is a one time consultation, however, most clients that do the Root Cause Consult love it and want to opt into Nancy’s month to month coaching program.