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Health & Weight Loss Coach Nancy Javaras has over 20 years of experience in digestive health, weight loss and nutritional coaching.Nancy's guidance and coaching gives clients more energy, better vitality, improves sleep, promotes positive heart health and most importantly weight loss through healthy eating, digestion & detox. She is an expert in gut health/digestive issues and has helped hundreds of clients live their life without the uncomfortable symptoms of digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, heart burn and other gut related issues. Book Nancy to speak with your employees today.

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Please note some lectures may be private...
Private lecture on Digestion & Detox for employees of EL Harvey & Son in Westboro on Sept 15th 2-3pm.

Private Corporate lecture on The Secrets of Weight Loss for the employees of EL Harvey & Son in Westboro on Friday Sept 30th 2-3pm.