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Skinny Bride Program

Nancy's SKINNY BRIDE Program!

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Worried about fitting into your Bridal Gown?

Are you thinking...

“How am I going to squeeze into my dress and look great on my wedding day?"

The final fitting is coming up soon and your belly fat will make the gown too tight.

You need to lose weight fast to fit into it and look your best on your special day...What can you do?



I can help you!!

I have a SKINNY BRIDE Slimdown Program for 14 days that can help you lose that belly fat so you can fit into your gown.

I have 18 years of experience helping clients to lose weight, detox and feel great!!

My SKINNY BRIDE PROGRAM is Gluten Free, Sugar Free & Grain Free. It includes High Protein, High Fiber, Healthy Fats, Probiotics, Healthy Protein Shakes with healthy greens and Liver detox pills that get your body ready to burn fat.
If you are busy and on the go, yet want to have healthy fast shakes and get great results, then this is for you.
You will have better digestion, improve elimination, have more energy, better sleep, better hormonal health, detox and lose belly fat!

Imagine how good you will feel fitting into your gorgeous gown on your beautiful wedding day!

  • 2 one hour webinars on weight loss & detox
  • 1 hour of private weight loss coaching with me either in person or FaceTime.
  • 14 Days of recipes for all the shakes & snacks.
  • 2 check-in calls for questions & support.
  • 4 emails with extra tips on weight loss & detox.
  • I am available by text for your questions & support during the 14 days.
  • 1 Reiki session either in person or by FaceTime to destress.

I know you want to fit into your bridal gown and look gorgeous so sign up NOW!

$199.95 + Product Cost

After you sign up you will be directed to my USANA website where you can enroll as a Preferred Customer to receive discounted prices and buy a few of the USANA products for the SKINNY BRIDE Program.

The products you will need to order are:

  • 2 bags of MY SMART SHAKE Plant Protein
  • 1 CellSentials (multivitamin & mineral)
  • Hepasil (liver detox to cleanse liver & burn fat)
  • USANA Probiotics (good bacteria in gut to help digestion, absorption and make you feel full)
  • USANA Fibergy (curb carb cravings & make you feel full as well as improve elimination)
Join Nancy's 14 Day Detox & Weight Loss Program Sign Up Now Call Nancy at 508-527-4149 for more information