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Results & Testimonials

Real Results from Nancy's 14 Day Detox & Weightless Program

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Results from Nancy's 14 Day Detox & Weight Loss Program

Brianna’s Results in Just 14 Days!

I completed Nancy’s 14 Day Detox on May 22, 2016 and I can’t say enough good things about Nancy and her program.  From the first day we met she took me out to lunch to learn more about me, my health history, eating habits etc.  She knew after only a few minutes that my health issues (bloating, cramping, food sensitivity) were stemming back to antibiotics I had taken in October, and was able to develop a plan that was catered to my situation.  Before Day 1 of the detox Nancy sent me her webinars to make sure I was familiar with the products, and the reason behind taking them.  She also sent me a 14 day meal plan with recipes for not only for the daily shakes, but for snacks and meals as well.  Throughout the 14 days Nancy continued to check in with me daily to see how I was feeling, answer any questions and check on my progress.  Her positivity and encouragement helped to keep me on track and motivated.  She taught me that eating healthy is not temporary but a lifestyle change, and contrary to what most people believe, it doesn’t have to be boring.  The recipes were amazing, and the shakes keep you full and energized.  By the end of the 14 days I felt incredible, I had no more bloating, cramping, had more energy than ever, and while the scale isn’t everything, I lost 8 lbs!  I am so happy with the results, products, and Nancy’s guidance that I continue to follow her meal plan even after the 14 days. Thank you Nancy for all of your support expertise and motivation, I couldn’t have done this without you!
Briana W.


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